“Our Steps” for “Design-Build” process in Summary Format

Step 1 - Consultation:  1st Meeting (at no cost to you) “in–home consultation”     


Step 2 - Budget:  2nd Meeting at our office to review budget

Step 3 - Design and Architecture:  Several meetings at both your home and our office

Step 4 - Authorization to Proceed:  You authorize us to proceed based upon the bid we gave you

Step 5 - Construction:  We start construction and remain on site until completed
Step 6 – Warranty:  We provide warranties of different types and scopes          

Working with “Our Process”

Bid-Build: You call or email us with your information. We come to your home and estimate/bid the job, and provide you with an estimate/bid within 48 – 72 hours. In some cases the estimate/bid will be given before we leave your home. Upon acceptance of our proposal we schedule a start date with you that is agreed upon by both parties.

Design-Build: This process requires an element of design, as well as the respective budgeting.  This typically requires more than one visit to your home to ensure that you get the exact design you want at a reasonable cost. We have further detailed out this process below.

Category # 2 – “Design-Build” Partial List





Additions Working with Our Processes

Category # 1 – “Bid-Build” Partial List







Imperial Contracting Group effectively streamlines the total construction process of a renovation. Quite simply, we take your ideas and make them a reality. This is done by following the “Best Practices” used throughout the residential remodeling industry.

We have broken down the needs of our customers into two different categories that are commonly used in residential construction; the first category being “Bid-Build” and the second “Design-Build.”

For your convenience we have provided a partial list of examples for each category and a brief overview of our process for each category. Please understand that any of the examples that are under one category could easily fall under the other one based upon the complexity of your renovation’s scope of work. We will explain more on that topic later.

Our Process